We believe in cooking with what is in season.  All our vegetables used on the pizza are in their seasonal prime in England right now. This is because:

1. It tastes better

2. It's better for the environment

3. Eating seasonally makes you more aware of the seasons. It makes you feel connected to the world and nature around you.

What's in season now?

As the winter draws slowly to an end there is still plenty to eat in season. Outside winter brassicas such as Sprouts, kale and purple sprouting broccoli are still in there prime. While the Leeks have stood through winter with there usual stoicism. Any root vegetable should have stored through till now and we still have plenty of winter squash.

Better still the first growth of spring is arriving with pungent wild garlic gracing us with it's presence.  We find it is a good time now to take a deep breath before the abundance of spring sets off.

Wild garlic

Purple sprouting broccoli 

Winter squash






Main crop potatoes


And many more. 

Sorry we don't have pineapple and don't plan to in the future...unless you can find a British grower.