Our story


After travelling the world as chefs, we decided to make our home in the Surrey Hills. With the combination of amazing produce and stunning scenery, what's not to love? We wanted a way of bringing all the local produce to people without the big price tag and by doing mobile pizza we can achieve this. This makes us happy. Good food shouldn't cost the earth. 

Why don't we have pineapple?

We only use seasonal english produce. This is important to us as it is sustainable and imported vegetables are rubbish. 

But what about the environment?!


We use 100% recyclable and compostable packaging. So after you have finished your pizza you can either add the box to your compost heap or give it back to us and we can compost it for you!


We source our produce as close as we can to our locations. As well as this making our pizzas tasty it also reduces our food miles. We think this is how it should be.